Tattoo Sleeve

So i’ve been toying for years with the idea and it looks like i’m finally going for it. I’ve just emailed the tattooist I hope will do my sleeve, his work is seriously stunning! Have a look http://www.immortalink.co.uk/?page=galleries&cat=01

Anyway, this is my very rough idea for what I want, feel free to comment 😀

Tattoo sleeve

Through the Looking-Glass

Howdy, well as you may have noticed my blog has been a bit bare over the past year or so, this is because I have started a company ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ is it’s name. At Through the Looking-Glass we specialise in Digital Portraits, Graphic Design and Handmade jewellery. Our website is currently under construction but should be finished in a month or two, please visit us at: www.lookingglassdesign.co.uk, www.lookingglassdesign.wordpress.com or become a fan on Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Through-The-Looking-Glass/304494584880

Here’s a sneak preview of our jewellery…

New website

Hi all,

Yes I have been officially slack with the blogging over the past year, my sincerest apologies! But anyhow I have finally done a proper online portfolio website, so please take a look when you can.




Many thanks,


winter wonderland vector illustration

Well I finally got round to making my own christmas card, granted i’ve uploaded it after christmas, but hey I just managed to get it printed on time for the festive season gone:). This was my first personal illustration done completely in illustrator, having rediscovered the joys of the software thanks to my current job recreating kids drawings as vector graphics. I’m moderately pleased with the outcome although I have a lot of experimenting to do in illustrator from now on…

I was commissioned to produce an illustration using the theme of winter and including the following photo:



And here is the finished piece entitled ‘Winter 1968’:


Have a look in the Design page for some of the recent work I have been doing post uni…



I’ve have posted a selection of photographs taken during my last term at university on the photography page…

Vanessa Studio 07